Mechanic Luke Freeman swapped his 1969 Beetle for a VW Jetta and has been working on his new runaround ever since.

And he often gets a helping hand from his two-year-old son Jayden, who has been known to get under the bonnet himself when the vehicle is being worked on.

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About two years ago Mr Freeman, who lives in Bicester, with his wife Sherice, 26, and Jayden, traded in the VW Beetle for a newer vehicle - a mk2 Jetta from 1991.

Oxford Mail:

Luke Freeman with son Jayden

The 24-year-old engineered the straight swap as the two cars had an estimated value of about £2,000.

He said: “I use it every day and I’m really happy with it.

“It was a 1.3 litre and first of all I took the running gear out and put in a 2.3 litre V5 from a Golf.

“Then I took that out and put in a 1.8 litre 20 valve turbo engine from an Audi TT.

“I like to do all this myself after watching my dad work on cars from when I was younger and he still comes round to help me out from time to time.

Oxford Mail:

The VW Jetta

“I’m the odd one out in my family because everyone else is into bikes but cars is my big thing.”

Mr Freeman said he is using the Jetta as his ‘daily driver’ and added his son Jayden enjoys watching him work on it.

So far the longest round trip is a 77-mile journey to Stratford but others are now planned and the family is thinking about longer trips to Liverpool, Manchester and even Cornwall.

Mr Freeman had his VW Beetle for two years before making the swap to acquire the Jetta.

Oxford Mail:

He added: “It was completely matt black with chrome centre caps on the wheels.”

Mr Freeman said he took the opportunity to take a quick snap of Jayden under the bonnet after the engine was removed.

He added: “I got a good picture of Jayden standing in the engine space - I made the changes because I wanted a bit more power.”

Oxford Mail:

Mr Freeman's VW Beetle before he swapped it

The mechanic is the latest driver to tell us about their vehicles and why they love them.

Car enthusiast Tanya Field is encouraging people to send in pictures of themselves with their motors.

Mum-of-three Ms Field, who lives with husband Jason in Oxford, loves Minis so much she and her family have 10 old Minis and two BMW Minis.

The oldest, a blue Austin Mini 7, is now 60 years old.

Ms Field said earlier: “Oxford is where the Mini is still made and Abingdon is the home of the MG so there are lots of people in Oxfordshire who are very enthusiastic about their cars and would love to see pictures of their owners with them.

Oxford Mail:

Tanya Field

“It’s lovely to meet other owners and celebrate cars together - it doesn’t matter how old they are and it could be any make.”

Some people own classic cars but you don’t have to own one of these to send in a picture - it could be an old Vauxhall Zafira that has faithfully carried your family thousands of miles.

Or you might have a really unusual vehicle you want to share pictures of.

Ms Field added: “As well as the Minis we also have three Maestros, a Montego and a Rover 800.

“I like to rotate them so they all get driven.

“I have got a fairly modern car as well - a Vauxhall Agila which is 18 years old - I use that sometimes for running around in.”