Dr Hosnieh Djafari-Marbini, who works as an anaesthetist at the Churchill Hospital, urges to students to stick to social distancing.

Though it was many moons ago, I still remember arriving at my cold university halls excited but also stomach wrenchingly nervous.

Having arrived in the UK aged 13, I found finding friends and settling in at the three schools I attended very difficult; I was determined that the same won’t happen at university.

Having just arrived in Oxford as a student, it must feel crucial to go out, socialise and make those friends for life.

Sadly, we are living in different times, our country is on yet another precipice and the small daily decisions we all make will affect our friends, loved ones and wider community.

The number of Covid19 cases in Oxfordshire as across the country have been on the rise.

As an NHS worker, it has been worrying seeing the crowds on the Cowley Road, and in Headington with social distancing a vague memory as the night descends.

Having experienced the impact of the height of the pandemic in our local hospital with worried cancer patients waiting for new treatment plans and staff distraught at the loss of their colleagues, I know so many of us are filled with dread at the thought of a second peak.

The rules seem contradictory at times with us all being encouraged to eat out to help out and get back to work on public transport via a visit to the local Pret.

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Despite the government’s mixed messages, the science is clear that social distancing and regular hand washing are effective tools in keeping us all and especially our most vulnerable friends and family safe.

I am worried about the next few months and what it will bring for our NHS, our disabled friends and our elderly.

Oxford’s multi ethnic key workers – the bus drivers, shop assistants and cleaners have always kept Oxford going; we must now join hands virtually and form their protective net.

So next time you are meeting friends, or going out to the local pub or restaurant please remember that social distancing, keeping to small groups and washing hands frequently will spare the life of your elders, friends and neighbours.