IT HAS been nearly a week since the 'rule of six' came into force. 

Anyone meeting in groups of more than six, indoors and outdoors, will now be breaking the law. 

Those caught flouting the rules will be split up and could be slapped with a fine, or even be arrested - police have warned.

But would you tell the police if your neighbours were breaking the rules? 

We asked readers on Facebook if they would, here's what they said: 

Janet Thompson said: "No. I live around them! We have a good community here only a fool would report anyone in their street." 

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Maria Kigozi added: "We need our neighbours more than ever especially now. Why would I report them for having more than six people in their house?!"

Annie Partlett also agreed, saying: "Definitely not as you want to keep a good relationship with your neighbour and it would be a waste of police time!"

During lockdown, neighbours helped each other out in Oxford - delivering food, keeping spirits up with weekly concerts and even getting together for socialy distanced birthday parties. 

Louisa Ekins said: "No as they are the same neighbours who look after my house whilst I'm away, leep and eye on the local kids when they play in the street and will be the ones I turn too when I'm locked out of the house. Look after your neighbour as you neve know when they need your help."

Last week the government encouraged neighbours to tell on each other as the rules came into force. 

But on Facebook, an overwhelming amount of people said they wouldn't. 

Helena Cowdrey said: "I wouldn't at the end of the ay that choice is down to them. It doesn't effect me" 

But Pat Butler said she would tell the police, saying: "Yes as they say it is being spread in households not outside and these selfish b******s are stopping me seeing my grandchildren."