READERS have told us which roads in Oxfordshire should have speed cameras.

In the latest Scales of Justice three people were caught ignoring the speed limits – one man even drove at 67mph in a 40mph zone. 

So we asked people on Facebook which roads in the county and surrounding areas they would like to see a speed camera introduced in.

Below are the roads mentioned by residents - are there any roads you would add to the list? 

  • Bartholomew Road, Cowley

Oxford Mail:

Simon Hopkins said: “It needs average speed camera each end and along it.

“Every time I have been down there locals think it’s a race track and with the school there they need sorting out, as well as paring cameras as the parents parking outside the school is atrocious.”

  • Twelve Acre Drive, Abingdon

Oxford Mail:

Jo Law said: “It definitely needs one, you could make a fortune from the speeding motorists and cars each day.”

  • Deer Park Road, Witney

Oxford Mail:

Rachel Hardy said: “On the final stretch up to the junction with Burford Road, the bikes go so fast I literally shut my eyes and wait for the sound of a crash – the noise is dreadful.”

  • Didcot Road coming out of Didcot towards Harwell also had several votes on Facebook.
  • Reynolds Way and Gainsborough Green, Abingdon

Oxford Mail:

Belinda Monaghan said: “It’s like a race track, so scary as kids playing and walking to shops etc.”

Jessica Burton added: “It’s so, so bad around here.”

  • Ock Street, Abingdon

Oxford Mail:

A petition has been started to add a speed camera on the main street in the town and nearly 400 people have called joined the call.

In a petition, Lise Jamieson said: “Too many people are losing their lives on Ock Street, Abingdon, as a result of speeding motorists – four serious accidents in the last 12 months.”

In July, one man was charged with causing death by dangerous driving after a man was killed on the road.

  • Whitelands Way, Bicester

Oxford Mail:

As it is, the road is 20mph zone but Sharon Deeley explained: “Most people go in excess of 40.”

  • Steventon Road, Drayton, Abingdon Road, Drayton had several votes.
  • Hanney Road, Steventon

Oxford Mail:

Twelve people agreed with Lynne Mainstone’s call to add speed cameras on the street and Barry Gibbs added: “Both ways. It’s used as a race track during the lockdown but now out there isn’t any improvement.”

Peter Berry added: “Just around the corner as you come off the high street – that would catch a few.”

Oxfordshire County Council is the body responsible for the roads across the county.

In an emergency always call 999.