Readers have named the cafes and restaurants they have loved and lost in Oxford after we picked out five.

Among others we highlighted Mick's Cafe in Botley Road, Maison Blanc in Woodstock Road and fine dining establishment The Lemon Tree.Oxford Mail readers have been quick to point out those eateries we left off our list and the Excelsior Cafe in Cowley Road and the Cadena in Cornmarket get quite a few mentions.

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Keith Dandridge told the Oxford Mail Facebook group We Grew Up in Oxford: "Wasn’t exactly a cafe or a restaurant but Bretts Burgers was the best burgers I ever tasted and never been bettered. Had a shop on the Cowley Road and another by the railway station. Sweeney Todd’s pizza restaurant was on George Street and streets ahead of other pizza outlets."

Andrea Turrell praised Heroes in Ship Street for its sandwiches while RosAnn Biondo recalled a cafe in the Covered Market where she would stuff her face with dripping sandwiches when she was a 'slip of a girl'.Oxford Mail:

Heroes boarded up

One reader on said he was 'shocked' we had not mentioned the Excelsior on Cowley Road.

For 53 years Andreas Kuomi has been serving the people of Oxford everything from English breakfasts to his trademark Greek coffee.

Oxford Mail:

Andreas Kuomi

But in 2014 he closed the doors of the cafe for the last time after finally deciding to retire at the age of 80.

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After moving to Britain from Cyprus in 1954 in the hope of a better life, Mr Kuomi moved to Oxford two years later and bought The Excelsior in 1961.

The Cadena in Cornmarket which closed in 1970 also got mentioned by readers.

Oxford Mail:

The Cadena

The cafe was a popular place for shoppers, workers and visitors for more than half a century.

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They ate, drank and relaxed as an orchestra played in the background.

Oxford Mail:

“See you in the Cadena about 11 o’clock for coffee” was a familiar saying. Some people were said to have permanent appointments there.

In an advertisement in 1911, the owners proudly boasted that dinners, hot and cold luncheons and afternoon teas were “daintily served with dispatch”. This set the pattern of high quality service enjoyed by thousands of customers until 1970.

Oxford Mail:

The Cadena company was founded in the mid-1890s and had nearly 50 restaurants and cake shops in the South of England. Cadena is the Spanish word for chain.

Another reader said: "Brett's Burger hut outside the old station. Was unfortunately burned down in the late '80s I think. They had an amazing chalkboard menu."

The St Giles Cafe was also a popular greasy spoon for many years.

These are just some of the cafes and restaurants you have loved and lost.

If there are more that have not had a mention add your comments here.

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