A PUB landlord hit back at claims of overcrowding after shocking photos showed hundreds of 'selfish' students flocking to the streets in Oxford for massive parties.

A big row erupted on Facebook after one resident Martin Pritchard said he saw students 'rammed' in White Horse pub in Headington.

Mr Pritchard added he spotted them on Tuesday evening 'having to stand outside the pub garden on the street'.

This comes after more than 100 freshers from Oxford Brookes University were filmed breaking the coronavirus guidelines outside the Cheney Lane Student Accommodation.

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However, White Horse manager Peter Soulsby-Lee denied the accusation and added: " I guarantee we are doing everything by the book.

"Everything inside the beer garden is social distanced with three staff patrolling the garden at all times.

"We do not serve drinks on the pathway outside of the pub and unfortunately we cannot police the streets.

"We are doing everything correctly according to the police – you are welcome to pop down one night to see how my team are managing the situation as I am extremely proud of all of them."

Partying students at Oxford Brookes have been blamed for a 'small but growing' number of coronavirus cases in the city, the university has already admitted.