A STUNNING landscape is getting a rebrand with a new name and logo.

The Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) will now be known as the Cotswolds National Landscape.

The change is in response to Julian Glover’s Landscapes Review, published last year.

The review proposed that National Parks and AONBs should be brought together as ‘one family of national landscapes’ and that the title ‘AONB’ be replaced with ‘National Landscape’.

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Oxford Mail:

The new logo retains the Cotswold Lion sheep and features the new name.

Mr Glover said: “The Cotswolds stand out among our most famous and beautiful landscapes, I’m so pleased to see some of the ideas from our recent landscape review put to work in this precious place.”

Andy Parsons, new chief executive of Cotswolds National Landscape, said it was an exciting step and would help people connect with nature in the Cotswolds.