Oxford has 497 restaurants cafes and eateries listed on TripAdvisor, even though some have struggled during the coronavirus pandemic.

Many have reopened following lockdown restrictions with staff delighted to welcome back customers, particularly during Rishi Sunak's Eat Out To Help Out scheme in August.

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But even before the virus crisis there was a big turnover in restaurants, with the arrival of the Westgate Centre's rooftop terrace providing tough competition when the revamped centre opened in October 2017.

Here we have picked out five restaurants and cafes the city has loved and lost over the years - Mick's Cafe, The Lemon Tree, Maison Blanc, Jamie's Italian and Patisserie Valerie.

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Legendary greasy spoon Mick's Cafe ran for an incredible 27 years off Botley Road until boss Mick Harris decided to hang up his saucepan in 2013. It is now trading as Station Grill.

Oxford Mail:

Station Grill - once Mick's Cafe

Situated in a wooden hut near the railway station, the cafe welcomed everyone and builders in their overalls would sit side by side with office workers to get their cooked breakfasts.

Mick was a friendly familiar face at the counter alongside other members of staff including his own daughter Jenny.

In his music career he performed alongside Sir Cliff Richard, Gene Vincent, Screaming Lord Sutch, The Shadows and more.

He was also a member of band State Affair, winners of TV talent show Opportunity Knocks in 1978.

Mick’s Cafe first opened in 1986. Mick set it up with his sister Pauline Howell and brother-in-law Richard Howell.

His wife Stephanie Harris later joined the team, together with other members of the family.

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Ten years later his daughter Jennifer entered the business.

In 1994, actors James Villiers and Jeremy Piven shot scenes at the cafe for the movie E=mc2.

In 2007, customers were given a glimpse of things to come when the venue trialled a no smoking day to prepare people for the ban.

Jamie's Italian chain ran into trouble in 2019 and went into administration. The branch in George Street was the first to open in 2008 and the premises remains closed.

Oxford Mail:

Jamie's Italian

For many years Maison Blanc in Woodstock Road offered a taste of French cafe society but the cafe closed in 2016.

Oxford Mail:

Maison Blanc

Patisserie Valerie was another chain that ran into trouble last year and its High Street branch closed along with others.

Oxford Mail:

Patisserie Valerie

Celebrated restaurateur Clinton Pugh ran The Lemon Tree in Woodstock Road at least twice and won praise from diners in Oxford, across the UK and beyond.

Oxford Mail:

Lemon Tree regular buys items when restaurant closes

But despite its impeccable international reputation it closed in 2008.

What restaurants do you miss and where do you love to dine out today? Let us know in the comments.

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