A SHOCKING video has revealed hundreds of selfish students completely ignoring social distancing rules in a huge party at Oxford Brookes University. 

More than 100 freshers were filmed breaking the coronavirus guidelines outside the Cheney Lane Student Accomodation. 

The video, which has been seen by this paper, pans across five student blocks at the 'village' with a sea of people rammed on the courtyard. 

Oxford Mail:

Partying students at Brookes have been blamed for a 'small but growing' number of coronavirus cases in the city, the university has already admitted. 

In an email sent to residents in Headington, the university's chief operating officer Brendan Casey wrote that the spread was because of social gatherings 'off-campus'.

But in a new statement, when presented with the video, a spokesperson for the university has said: "We are aware that large numbers of students have been gathering outside one of our halls of residence.

"Such behaviour will not be tolerated and we are working with Thames Valley Police to ensure that appropriate, robust action is taken against those involved."

Oxford is currently on 'amber alert', meaning the city is closer to being on a lockdown watch list. 

A student nurse, who goes to the university, said they have seen 'first hand' how bad the deadly virus can be. 

They said: "The response for the student services is that they are aware this is the second day running and nothing has been done, even though thre is an increase of covid cases."