A TODDLER keeps finding four and five-leaf clovers in what could be the luckiest garden in Oxfordshire.

Orson, who lives in Tackley, near Kidlington, with his parents Nirvana and Matthew Ward, is only nine months-old but has shown a rare talent to find the rare lucky charms.

According to his proud father, Orson has picked out a dozen four-leaf clovers and even two five-leaf ones in the past three months.

Speaking about his son’s unique ability, Mr Ward said that neither him nor friends and other family members can understand how he keeps finding them.

He said: “Orson has this impressive collection of lucky clovers and none of us can understand how he does it.

“We are all so impressed and proud of him.”

Mr Ward, who has a job in education publishing, began working from home while his wife, who is a dietitian, was on maternity leave.

During lockdown, the couple were thrilled to be able to spend more time with their son and went out for long walks in the park and picnics – which is where they discovered their son’s exceptional ability for picking lucky plants.

Mr Ward explained how Orson does it, saying: “He just sits in the grass and pays attention to what is around him.

“He is fascinated by clovers and will spend ages searching for some of the rare ones.

“Hopefully his ability will manifest into something else in the future."

He laughed: “He seems destined for greatness.”

The proud dad, 33, also speculated on whether Orson’s interest meant that he might one day become a scientist.

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He added: “I know we have all found lockdown difficult but for us it has been a blessing of sorts.

“I would have never been able to develop such a deep father-son bond if I was not working from home.”