DIRTY nappies, toilet paper and gas canisters are amongst the rubbish scattered in a private land in southern Oxfordshire where travellers were pitched up.

The group moved on from the makeshift campsite off Mill Road in Abingdon on Sunday after it had occupied the area for more than a week.

Photos taken today by a neighbour show used nappies, face masks and other rubbish in the area.

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The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, commented: "Locals have done some cleaning up but there a still plastic and gas bottles in the river, nappies, toilet tissue and face masks in the fields, and smashed street lighting due to catapults.

"This is really sad for Abingdon residents."

Another neighbour Daz Whittington posted about the mess in Abingdon's Facebook Group to alert people.

He commented: "Certain parts of the fields have been contaminated, watch out for the tell tale toilet paper, some within a few metres of the Chauntrell Way play area.

"I heard from another resident that propane gas bottles have been thrown in the Ock River too along with other rubbish.

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"It might be a good idea to keep kids and pets safely out of the water for awhile.

"The travellers have now gone, but with the legacy of some petty vandalised street lights smashed by catapult, some vile abuse towards a couple of girls, a few nights back.

"I personally was targeted by the youth with the catapult from the opposite side of the field as I walked my dog."

Mr Whittington added that this happened the evening before the group left the area.

When contacted about the 'mess' last week Oxfordshire County Council said it was up to the landowner to evict the group.