Have you had your photo taken with a famous face?

In this age of the selfie, many people have been lucky enough to have a snap with a celebrity - whether it's a pop star doing a meet and greet or a famous actor walking down the street.

Send us your celebrity selfie pictures

With so many TV dramas and films made in Oxford it's quite likely that you will have stumbled across a film set - and maybe got the chance to get a selfie with one of the stars.

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Of course these encounters don't happen every day - which is why they are rather special and why you might still have the pictures on your smartphone.

We would love to hear about your encounters with famous people - and share your photos.

Oxford Mail:

In April pensioner David Roberts got the perfect opportunity for a selfie when former England international and Manchester United legend David Beckham knocked on his door.

Mr Roberts was nominated by charity Age Concern to receive a surprise visit from a 'high profile celebrity'.

Mr Roberts said he was 'amazed' to see the footballer.

He said at the time: "David was at my door right on time. All I could think to say was hello, how are you?

"He is a lovely guy, we chatted about what will happen to this season’s football, and Manchester Utd and also me being a Liverpool supporter.

Mr Roberts was nominated by the charity after coping with cancer.

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The footballer, who now has a home in Great Tew, West Oxfordshire can be seen around the county from time to time.

In 2016 he even popped up at a chip shop in Barton and Dan Steel took a quick picture.

It turned out the footballer was in a photoshoot for GQ magazine.

Oxford Mail:

But it doesn't have to be a footballer - you could show us a picture of you with other famous faces you have run into.

It could be Shaun Evans or Roger Allam from the set of Inspector Morse prequel Endeavour.

Oxford Mail:

Or car show presenter Jeremy Clarkson who is now running a farm shop near Chipping Norton.

Oxford Mail:

Or if you are a literary type you might have a picture of yourself with Philip Pullman or other authors doing signings at Oxford Literary Festival or one of the other book festivals - or at Blackwell's or another book store.

Oxford Mail:

Did you get a picture backstage with Radiohead or Supergrass or other rock legends? We want to see those snaps.

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Perhaps you are still obsessed with Harry Potter and have a picture of yourself with Emma Watson or another well-known actor or actress.

Oxford Mail:

It doesn't matter who that celebrity is - it could be a Great British Bake Off presenter or even a Britain's Got Talent contestant - we want to see your pictures.

Click on the link above to send in your pictures or email affrench@nqo.com.