The restrictions regarding Covid-19 are changing on a weekly basis to deal with different situations effecting different areas, and there remains a sense of foreboding hovering over us all. Naturally, people are feeling stressed and anxious as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and its implications for society. However, we’re not as doomed as the media and mass-hysteria might lead us to believe. There is a solution to our current predicament. Technology! If you’re curious to find out more, then you should read on. Here are all the reasons why technology is key to humanity overcoming coronavirus.

Developing a cure

There has been a lot of news lately surrounding the coronavirus vaccine and technology has been an essential part of creating it. For example, artificial intelligence can now be used to improve the efficiency of and fast-track drug development. It can analyse big data and draw valuable conclusions, allowing us to identify new compounds in the target disease. Artificial intelligence has been widely recognised as paramount in improving global healthcare and as a result has attracted philanthropists like London Tech Entrepreneur Tej Kohli and Jitendra Kavathekar, the managing director of Accenture Ventures and Open Innovation.

Keeping in touch

One of the biggest issues with the pandemic is that people are having to keep apart from one another, leading adults and children alike to feel isolated. However, technology has helped us overcome the physical barriers that coronavirus has put in place by allowing people to communicate via mobile phone and computer. Through either Zoom, WhatsApp or Facetime, we have been able to keep in touch with our loved ones despite lockdown and social-distancing regulations. This has been essential in boosting the population’s morale and sense of wellbeing.

Running a business

The economy has suffered because of coronavirus – but it would have been absolutely destroyed were it not for technology allowing businesses to keep running through remote working. Companies have used cloud computing so they can continue to collaborate on their projects, regardless of the fact they can no longer work in an office together. Furthermore, video conferencing software has allowed employees to regularly participate in team meetings.

Test and trace

Testing and tracing have been incredibly important in containing coronavirus because it allows us to monitor where carriers of the pathogen have been and who else they have been in contact with. Technology is the main tool we have used to do so. For instance, the NHS test and trace app allows people to see if anyone they’ve seen has the virus, so they know to quarantine, although it has been prone to glitches.

Improving hygiene

Technology has allowed us to use cashless vending through contactless bank cards, reducing the spread of coronavirus. We have also seen nano-septic technology introduced recently, which provides us with continuously self-cleaning surfaces. Once again, this reduces the spread of the pathogen through touch points.

These are some of the main ways that technology is helping humanity to overcome the global pandemic. We feel certain that even more amazing inventions are on the horizon, so we can effectively combat the coronavirus.