A WOMAN woke up to find a man sexually abusing her in her bedroom after a house party, a court heard.

The alleged victim - who cannot be named for legal reasons - claimed she went on to grab her attacker around the neck before screaming for help.

Christopher Perry denies one count of sexual assault and another of assault by penetration, both offences alleged to have taken place at an address in Chinnor, South Oxfordshire.

The 28-year-old of Post Office Lane, Beaconsfield's trial at Oxford Crown Court got under way yesterday.

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Outlining the case prosecutor Matthew Walsh said the alleged sex attack took place in June 2017.

The alleged victim, he said, had been at a pub when she invited a group of people back to her house for a few drinks.

Perry was among those who went to her house, the court heard, and the party continued into the early hours before the alleged sex assault took place.

The woman claimed that, without consenting, her attacker sexually assaulted her in a bedroom.

Mr Walsh told jurors: "[The alleged victim] is clear in what she says, that she was worse for wear that night.

"She is clear that she was not consenting to any sexual contact with this defendant whatsoever.

"It is the prosecution's case that he was taking advantage of a woman who was either too intoxicated, asleep, or both."

Jurors went on to hear a recorded police interview that the woman gave after the incident.

In that interview she recalled the alleged attack and said she remembered being in her bed but realising she was 'not the right way around.'

She said she could not see Perry at first but could feel 'something wet' which she believed could have been a tongue or finger.

The woman said Perry - who she claimed was naked at the time - then 'crawled up the bed.'

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She said: "I realised what was happening to me and at that moment I grabbed him so hard around the neck."

She said she started screaming before calling her friends with her mobile phone for help.

Eventually, she said, she asked Perry to leave, which he did, and the police were contacted.

She went on: "I just wanted to get drunk and have fun, I trusted him, I didn't think I was in any danger.

"I didn't want to tell the police because I thought it was my fault.

"I asked him to come back, I asked him to have another drink."

When Perry was interviewed about the allegation, the jury heard, he claimed that the woman was consenting.

Mr Walsh told jurors: "All of a sudden, he said, she sat up and grabbed his throat and was screaming at him."

Perry denies both counts and the trial - expected to last up to a week - continues.