A CONFECTIONARY breakthrough is being claimed by a new brand on the block created by a dynamic duo with more than 30 years of experience.

Chocolatier Steve Russell and third generation chocolate entrepreneur Giles Atwell are the Oxford-based entrepreneurs that have set out to change the confectionary business one square of chocolate at a time.

The big idea behind Russell & Atwell is 'fresh chocolate at supermarket prices' according to the brand’s two founders.

The duo spent decades working and developing world-famous chocolates like Mars, Cadbury, Green & Blacks and most recently Godiva, where the entrepreneurs finally met.

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They started their business with a simple question: “Why are we still eating long-life chocolate, if everything tastes better fresh?”

Explaining why ‘fresh’ is better they pointed out: “In fact, fresh chocolates can be bought today at posh chocolate boutiques, however, you are likely to pay a small fortune for one tiny piece made with Himalayan Goji Berries and other exotic flavours.

“It sounds kind of simple, but the chocolate bar was invented at the start of the 20th century and fridges did not appear in most people’s homes until the 1950s, so for years chocolates have been ‘long life’.

“While people have switched to ‘fresh’ in other foods like milk, pasta and desserts, chocolate has been left, literally, on the shelf.”

However, Mr Russell and Mr Atwell do not simply rely on their extensive advertising knowledge.

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Yes, with a degree in French from UCL, Mr Atwell began his career with Unilever, then spent 16 years in senior confectionery positions on 4 continents.

However, with a family chocolate business started in 1921 by his grandfather that was later sold off in the 1980s, he had always dreamt of starting his own chocolate brand.

Mr Russell on the other hand is the 'chocolate wizard' or the 'Willy Wonka' of the brand.

To refine their approach to chocolate the two went ‘back to basics’ and build their recipes from scratch around five key ingredients.

These include sustainable cocoa, organic cream and butter, sugar, wildflower honey and Dorset seasalt.

The brand also promises 'no nasties' in the products such as palm oil.

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Despite Russell & Atwell is a small, self-funded business the duo has set out to launch the three ‘sumptuous pouches of fresh chocolates’ next month.

Mr Russell and Mr Atwell are currently trying to raise £20,000 to introduce festive and Valentine’s day additions to their luxurious line of treats.

Within less than 48 hours the entrepreneurs raised almost £8,000 becoming one of the most popular food projects on Kickstarter out of almost 30,000.

To find out more about the new Oxford start-up Russell & Atwell and support their fundraiser visit www.kickstarter.com/projects/thefreshchocolatiers/russell-and-atwell-the-fresh-chocolatiers