More than 30,000 Oxfordshire people took part in NHS research last year, new figures show.

They volunteered for studies in hospitals and GP practices between April last year and March.

Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (OUH), which runs the John Radcliffe, recruited 26,289 participants to 507 studies supported by the National Institute for Health Research.

There were also 4,100 participants in 49 studies in settings such as GP practices.

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A further 2,709 people were involved in 59 studies at Oxford Health. Studies include a trial of an injectable drug for eczema, a trial into using virtual reality to treat psychosis, as well as surveys to understand the experiences of people with dementia.

More than 2,800 participants are also taking part in coronavirus studies in Oxfordshire, which can involve drug trials, blood tests and online surveys.

Professor Keith Channon, director of research and development at OUH, said: “Oxford is one of the most vibrant places for healthcare research in the world because of the fantastic close working relationship between the first-rate clinicians in the NHS trusts and the world-class university academics who work alongside them."