CROWDS of activists from Black Lives Matter will gather in the heart of Oxford to call for reparations to be made to African nations and descendants of slaves.

The march will begin at Manzil Way in Cowley and supporters will head to Bonn Square.

The Oxford branch of Black Lives Matter announced the rally for 'all people of conscience' on Facebook earlier this week and wrote: "183 years ago Britain paid £20 million to the plantation owners, but nothing to the enslaved Africans and their children and grandchildren.

"Join us in the fight against imperialism and the global amnesia of the Genocide and Ecocide metered out against people of Afrikan heritage and support their centuries-old demand for reparations."

The march, which will start at 1pm and finish at 5pm, will take place on Saturday, September 26, and more than 60 people have already showed interest in the event.

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The independent community organisation gained popularity in Oxford in June in the wake of the George Floyd movement that swept through America.

Similar 'repatriation' marches also took place in London in August on Afrikan Emancipation Day.

Demonstrators aiming to bring Brixton to a halt stopped traffic by blocking main roads, despite police imposing restrictions in the area.

Extinction Rebellion was also among groups who said it would occupy the area and cause disruption, prompting the Metropolitan Police to impose a number of restrictions ahead of the event.

A coalition of several groups were involved in the march.

These included Stop The Maangamizi: We Charge Genocide/Ecocide, the Afrikan Emancipation Day reparations march committee and the Rhodes Must Fall Oxford campaigners.