A £1.1m house on Oxford’s newest housing estate has prompted outrage on Twitter.

Residents say the price is ‘staggering’ and will not help solve the city’s dire housing crisis.

Others say it will be ‘criminal’ if it is not sold soon but questioned who the perfect buyer of the Barton Park home will be.

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The five-bedroom house, being sold for a cool £1,170,000, stands on plot 191 of the Mosiacs site at Barton Park – right next to the A40 ring road.

With 885 homes in total, Barton Park is a joint venture between Oxford City Council and Grosvenor, the estate owned by the Duke of Westminster.

Nearly half of the homes, 40 per cent, are owned by the council and will be rented out to people on the housing waiting list.

Oxford Mail:

But the house, which boasts a snug, open-plan kitchen and dining area and walk-in wardrobe, caused a stir on Twitter when Oxford health economist James Buchanan shared a link to his followers.

He said: “New house for sale on the Barton Park estate for a rather incredible price of £1.2m.

“Not sure how this sort of pricing is going to solve local housing issues.”

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Replying to his tweet Anna B said: “I love these houses but this price is insane.

“Also saw the prices of the recently sold flats – over £100k for more than I paid for my three-bed house in Barton.”

Pete C simply wrote: “Staggering.”

In the house description, the sellers Hill residential boast: “Overlooking the Linear Park, The Bayswater Villas offers residents tranquillity; an escape from the buzz of the city. With well-designed spaces for relaxation and wildlife spotting, peaceful ponds, wooden walkways and viewing platforms.

Oxford Mail:

“Bayswater Villa, Plot 191, is a stunning five-bedroom family home and gives you everything you might need; with a spacious open-plan kitchen/dining room plus utility. Separate living area and snug. The master bedroom features a fitted wardrobe, dressing area and an elegant en-suite.

“Relax after a long day at work on the large terrace situated floor.”

Dave Lansley, who works for Oxford City Council, defended the price on Twitter, explaining: “The homes for sale on Barton Park are paying for the infrastructure on the estate and the 354 homes (40 per cent) that will be let at social rents to people on the council waiting list.”

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Roz Smith, a councillor for Headington, said she ‘believes’ in ‘integrated housing’ but asked ‘who would buy that house?’

She said: “With prices like this, Oxford will continue to have a massive deficit of affordable homes.”

Speaking about first seeing the price online she said: “I was in shock, it’s absolutely crazy.

Oxford Mail:

“Is that really what we need?

“Who is going to live there? Given it is sold with the lovely views of the rolling countryside but it might not be there in the future.

“I think it is really awful but I’m interested to see who buys it. What we need in the city is affordable housing – social and private.

“If nobody lives there and it doesn’t sell it will be such a waste. Whenever I see an empty house I think it is criminal.”

Oxford Mail:

She added: “Somebody might buy it and set it up as a house of occupation. They might decide they will make much more money renting it out.

“It is crazy and outrageous but developers need to make their money – it’s all about the money, money, money.”

She said Barton was a ‘lovely area’ and that during lockdown the nearby parks and rolling hills were full of walkers making the most of their outside exercise.