‘MORONS’ who left three bags of litter scattered across Richard Branson’s private land have been warned.

A group left behind cans of Fosters, Cadbury’s chocolate bar wrappers and even chairs when they had a late-night picnic on the ‘peaceful’ bit of the River Cherwell last week.

The mess was discovered by a member of the Kidlington Angling Society, who was furious to see the ‘lovely’ bit of bank ‘ruined’.

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He put together a ‘polite notice’ and signed it from the club, who have exclusive fishing rights in the area from the billionaire Virgin founder.

It said: “If you are one of the morons that left three sacks full of litter spread out over our peaceful bit of the river, please do not come back.

“If you do come back and leave more litter you will most definitely regret it if we catch you.”

Photographs show the rubbish, most of it single-use plastic, strewn across the long grass.

Oxford Mail:

The grim discovery included: bags for life, Lucozade bottles, cans of booze, paper, two pint glasses, Dorito crisps, left over fish and chips, coffee cups and plastic packaging.

Now the Treasurer of the society has said it ‘couldn’t have been’ Richard Branson, even though he visited last weekend.

Terry Lester said: “Somebody had been down there and had a picnic or BBQ and just left all of the rubbish instead of clearing it up.

Oxford Mail:

“It is actually private land that belongs to Richard Branson. He was staying there last weekend.

“He had been living in Kidlington but now his son and daughter live there.

“It was not him, he wouldn’t have done that.”

He added: “We have fishing rights on his stretch of the river and there’s a foot path running through it that’s public.

“But this was on the private land.

“It looks really bad on the Angling Society because we have the fishing rights on the canal.”

Oxford Mail:

The club recently had a competition on the stretch of river and about 16 people took part.

The member who discovered the rubbish said he suspected it could be teenagers.

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In a video he said: “So on the Cherwell.

“Some people have neem down here and absolutely ruined it.

“Cans, paper, glasses, littler, more cans there, lovely bit of the river and they’ve worn this bit of the bank down here.

“Probably having a fish too – out of season.

“There could have been kids, look – a school timetable.

Oxford Mail:

“There’s even a chair in the hedge with more cans and then behind there it’s absolutely…fish and chips, empty fosters boxes, chocolate.”

The RSPCA have previously warned people about the 'disastrous' impacts litter can have on the wildlife near the river.

In the latest release, the animal charity have said it gets about 5,000 calls a year about litter an wildlife and has, on average, 14 calls a day about injured animals.

It said the calls spike in the summer months, adding: "And, as pet owners go directly to vets, and many injured wild animals are never found."

In an emergency call 999.