OXFORD author Sir Philip Pullman thinks young people are a 'bunch of wimps' after a debate about full stops was reignited on Twitter. 

In recent years some linguistic experts have said some young people find full stops  intimidating, aggressive and unfriendly. 

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Twitter user Emer said: "Full stops at the end of a text/social media message = ultimate sign of passive aggression. And everyone knows it." 

But others have said it is 'the ultimate snowflakes' that are bothered.

The His Dark Materials author weighed in on the debate, without using any punctuation, saying: "apparently young people feel that full stops are threatening or angry and messages are friendlier without them bunch of wimps"

Replying to his tweet Paul Davies said: "Although I hate it, I find myself more and more having to put exclamation marks in informal correspondence because full stops now sound grumpy rather than neutral.

"See you soon! = jaunty sign off

"See you soon. = borderline threat"