A MAN who launched a 'savage' frenzy of violence on his wife, repeatedly stabbing her with a carving knife has been jailed for life.

Mark Lally had denied trying to kill his victim and went to trial, telling jurors he had 'flipped' before the attack but he didn't want her dead.

After more than seven hours of deliberations he was found guilty of attempted murder, an attack prosecutors described as 'vicious' and leading to 'horrific' life-threatening injuries.

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Jailing him today presiding Judge Peter Ross called the attack 'savage.'

He said: "It's by no means an accident that you selected the very largest and very sharpest of knives.

"You returned upstairs, you pushed your way into the bathroom mumbling something and almost immediately began this frenzied attack.

"It's a minor miracle that she was not left paralysed.

"You rained down the most savage of blows."

During the trial, which began at Oxford Crown Court last week, jurors were told that the violent attack took place at the Abingdon home on November 27 last year.

Prosecutor Matthew Walsh said that the 'vicious' and 'unprovoked' onslaught started after Lally, who is 50 and of Wootton Road, Abingdon, came home from the pub 'in a mood.'

He said that an argument had developed with Lally's wife, with whom he was going through a divorce, and that there had been previous threats made by him towards her.

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At about 9pm Lally launched into what was described as 'extreme violence' towards his wife while she was in a bathroom.

During the attack the woman was stabbed about eight times.

Describing the violence she said Lally had 'pushed' her into a corner in the bathroom, before knifing her.

She said: "I realised that it was a knife punching me because the blood started pouring out. I started screaming to 'please call the police.'

"I started screaming 'he's killed me, I can't breathe.'"

Mr Walsh showed photographs of her injuries to the jury, which were described as 'unpleasant, horrific stab wounds'.

In all there were approximately eight wounds which were 'life-threatening' and delivered with 'considerable force'.

Such were the extent of her injuries she also suffered punctured lungs and fractures.

In a statement she said she now had PTSD as well as fear and paranoia that he would come back and 'complete the job he started last year.'

From the witness box Lally - who admitted the stabbing but denied attempted murder - said he had 'flipped.' Jonathan Coode, defending, said his client had shown remorse and had no criminal past.

Sentencing, Judge Ross ordered that Lally serve a sentence of life in prison, with a minimum term of 11 years and three months.

Lally will also be subject to licence indefinitely and pay a victim surcharge.