HUNDREDS of workers at Oxford’s BMW Mini plant are set to lose their jobs, bosses have revealed.

A source at BMW said the plant is set to lose about 400 agency workers, roughly half the number of agency staff at the plant.

There are currently approximately 950 agency workers at the moment, all through the GI Group.

In mid-October, the plant will move from a three-shift week to a two-shift week.

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The key factors that will be used to decide which workers are let go are: length of service, skill set and disciplinary record.

That process is due to be completed by mid-September.

In addition to agency workers, there will also be a small reduction in core BMW headcount across the business.

A source at the company said managers were looking at a figure below five per cent, this subject to negotiations with union representatives Unite, with a mixture of voluntary redundancy arrangements and early retirements sought.

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“This decision is all down to volume reduction across the world,” the source revealed.

“We’ve got reduced volumes going forward.

“At the moment we build about 1,000 cars a day. I would suggest it would dip to 800-900 a day.

“We’ll still have two shifts five days a week, but we’re consolidating workforce.”

The total workforce at the plant is 4,000 people. Last year, the plant made 222,340 cars.