COMMUNITY groups, trade unions and political parties united in the city centre in protest of a number of societal problems.

Around 150 people stood against police violence, racism and low paid and insecure jobs while calling for access to health care, decent and affordable housing, security in employment and an Oxford Living Wage of £10.21 per hour.

The demonstration, dubbed Unity March, was called by the chair of Oxford Living Wage Campaign, Jabu Nala-Hartley. She said: "The Oxford Living Wage Campaign is a unifying campaign in its nature. We need a course of action that symbolises and embodies unity.

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Oxford Mail:

"The march pulled together people from all walks of life highlighting all the different plights our communities face. We need to work together towards equity in employment conditions, education, housing and in our public services.

"I was very proud to have inspired this initiative and hope to be part of of the solutions drawn from all sections of our communities as a whole.”

Some of the organisations that participated were Black Lives Matter Oxford, Oxford Mutual Aid, Oxford District Labour Party and Oxford Tenants Union .