Reports of a stuntman’s motorbike catching fire on a Tom Cruise film set in an Oxfordshire quarry have been disputed by the fire service.

Scenes for the new Mission Impossible film – the seventh in the franchise – are being rehearsed at Ambrose Quarry near Wallingford.

A planning application for temporary use of the land at the quarry, on Old London Road for July and August was submitted by a film production company called Jupiter Spring Productions Ltd in June.

The film company is using the land to place two cranes and telehandlers and create a temporary track way for rehearsing zip wire action scenes this month.

But according to The Sun, the £2 million set, which took six weeks to construct, was damaged in the fire which has left film star Tom Cruise ‘frustrated’.

The Sun reports that the fire happened when a stuntman attempted a motorbike jump off a ramp and damaged the set.

The Sun reports that Tom Cruise, who usually likes to perform his own stunts, had a lucky escape as he did not perform this dangerous action sequence.

A source told The Sun the stuntman was supposed to land on large pillows, which had been filled with card to soften the impact, while his bike would crash close by.

However, the motorbike hit the cushions, sparking a fire.

Wanting to do its due diligence, the Oxford Mail called around our sources – but Oxford Fire and Rescue Service said it has no record of attending any incidents.

The reported motorbike accident comes after filming was already delayed due to coronavirus restrictions.

At the end of August, filming for Mission Impossible 7 is due to move to Norway.

Mission Impossible 7 is set to once again star Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson and Ving Rhames, alongside Tom Cruise. It is set to be released in the UK on July 23, 2021.