A FIRE investigator told jurors in an arson trial the most likely cause of the blaze was ‘deliberate ignition.’

Alice Robinson denies arson with intent to endanger life, and an alternative count of ‘arson reckless as to whether life was endangered’.

It is alleged that the 28-year-old of Aldrich Road in Sunnymead, north Oxford, set fire to her home address on the night of December 3 last year.

As her trial at Oxford Crown Court continued yesterday, Robert Speakman from Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service took to the witness box.

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He said firefighters were called to the blaze shortly before midnight.

Four pumps went to the home and helped tackle the fire.

Mr Speakman described the inferno as a ‘well-developed fire.’

Going on to investigate the blaze, he told jurors, he found inside that everything ‘from the ceiling to the floor’ had been on fire.

He said that on the scene he had been made aware by police that aerosols may have been used in the fire.

While searching the house he found an exploded aerosol can and one that had failed to ignite.

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He said that a lighter was also found on a landing.

Speaking of how the incident started, he said ‘deliberate ignition’ was the most likely cause and a ‘naked flame to combustible material.’

Presiding Judge Nigel Daly asked him if finding the aerosol can meant he could say this was what started the fire, to which he answered he could not.

Robinson denies the charges and the trial continues.