NEW signs will be going up around the River Thames in Oxford urging people not to swim.

The Environment Agency said it was responding to complaints from boaters about swimmer and from swimmers about boaters.

The signs will go up around the river in the Osney Island area of West Oxford in the coming weeks.

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Spokesman Peter O'Connor said “Swimming in any river or open water carries risks, including strong currents and underwater hazards you cannot see. Our officers and the emergency services are called to swimming-related incidents far too often.

“The narrow width of the Thames near Osney Lock, the constant traffic and moored boats all make it an entirely inappropriate and dangerous place to swim.

“We do not expect boats travelling in and out of the lock, or using the moorings at East Street, to have to contend with people in the water.”

Asked if the agency had received complaints about swimming in the area, Mr O'Connor said: "All the time – boaters about swimmers. Swimmers about boaters. It doesn’t change the fact swimming in rivers is risky, and very dangerous at a place like Osney Lock.

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"Rivers are like roads: most people understand the risks around roads. We’re trying to educate people about rivers."

Oxford teenager Mohammad Hussain drowned in the Thames in Oxford after jumping off Donnington Bridge in 2012.

Harwell teenager Ellis Downes drowned in the Thames at Culham while swimming with friends in 2016.