OXFORD's Labour MP has called for more financial support to help the 7,000 retail and tourism workers in her area of the city.

Anneliese Dodds, the MP for Oxford East, has warned that 'targeted' use of government cash is needed to help people working in hospitality businesses like shops and restaurants, or hotels, visitor attractions, and other tourism-related companies.

The 'last-ditch' warning from Ms Dodds echoes a similar call she made last month following the Chancellor of the Exchequer's summer statement.

Ms Dodds said: "A month ago Chancellor Rishi Sunak had a chance to avoid a jobs crisis.

“I warned the Chancellor that withdrawing furlough in one fell swoop was a recipe for disaster. And I told him handing over billions in bonuses to firms who were going to bring back staff anyway wasn’t the way to save jobs."

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She added: "His one-size-fits-all withdrawal of income support is a historic mistake that British workers just can’t afford.

"Now the warning lights are flashing red on the economy. It’s not too late to change course – but time is running out."

Bosses were told they could start bringing furloughed workers back on August 1, and if they did not, they were asked to contribute more money towards paying staff who were unable to work.

The furlough scheme will continue to run in this new form until October, according to the government.

Earlier this week, it emerged that the UK had fallen into the worst recession ever recorded as a result of locking down in March.

At the same time, the country has one of the worst coronavirus death rates in Europe.

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Reacting to the announcement of the recession, Mr Sunak told the BBC that the government could not pretend everybody 'will be able to go back to the job they had'.

He added that the government had begun programmes, set out in the July summer statement, to help people find new jobs.

In Oxford East, Ms Dodds' constituency, there are more than 7,000 people employed in hospitality and tourism jobs.

Her warning to the Chancellor comes as the Chartered Institute for Personnel Development has issued findings from a survey which suggests a third of firms are considering letting at least some of their employees go.