Beautiful babies born during and after lockdown have brought a ray of hope to families struggling to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

Lockdown restrictions, which are now being eased, have been frustrating for new parents, who have not been able to show off their bundles of joy to family and friends in the usual way.

Please send in your baby pictures here.

Parents are now sharing photos of their new arrivals with the Oxford Mail and we want more families to do the same to put a smile on our readers’ faces.

Oxford Mail:

Jasper-Raye Sheppard

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Maybe it’s a recent birth you want to celebrate with us or one that happened a couple of months back but the date doesn’t matter - we would still like you to share your stories.

For the majority of families whose babies are featured here, births went very smoothly and mums and dads have paid tribute to nursing staff and midwives for their support.

Some mums have found the experience a little different to how things normally are because of restrictions placed on visitors due to the coronavirus but staff try their best to support families.

Helen Price and Toby Mazonowicz, from Abingdon, sent in cute pictures of their son Milo taken shortly after he was born at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, weighing 7lb 14oz.

Oxford Mail:

Milo Mazonowicz-Price

Ms Price said: “Milo was born five days late on July 20 at 01.11am.

“He was born via emergency c section due to the midwife noticing a wandering heart rate while monitoring during labour.

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“While he was being cleaned up after birth it was discovered he had a knot in his cord. Something which is incredibly rare!

“These form when they are still small in the womb and do flips and turns!

“We went up to the maternity ward to recover and discovered our neighbour in the opposite bay, born the same day had also experienced a knot in the cord! Two babies in one day!

“We had to stay in hospital for five nights to have antibiotics for an infection, which was incredibly hard with the Covid-19 visitor restrictions in place.”

Sonja and Jetro Tuulari, from south Oxford, welcomed the birth of Aaro Thames Tuulari, a playmate for Raino.

Oxford Mail:

Aaro Tuulari

Ms Tuulari said: “Our son Aaro was born in the end of April during a heatwave.

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“After 2.5 days of slow latent labour at home we were finally accepted to hospital where he was quickly born with natural water birth.

“To everyone’s surprises he had a strawberry blond hair (we are both Finnish)!

“ All the staff were amazing although you could tell they were bushed to their limits with masks and new procedures. Huge thank you to them! Baby is still waiting to meet family back in Finland, soon hopefully.”

Hayley Eccles also sent in a picture of her son Jasper-Raye Sheppard.

Oxford Mail:

Jasper-Raye Sheppard