IT FEELS like an incredibly exciting time to be living in Oxford.

Much like when huge trees fall in the forest and make room for myriad tiny flowers and plants below, so the coronavirus's decimation of traffic in our city has allowed for a never-before-seen opportunity to try out bold experiments in pedestrianisation of city-centre streets.

The city council's latest bid to block all vehicle traffic from George Street during the daytime could potentially transform this part of the city centre, making a continental-style piazza for people to eat out and socialise during the day.

And, unlike the controversial closure of Walton Street which is so similar in so many ways, this part of Oxford is hardly used by cars, and the council has evidently got the co-operation of at least one of the bus companies.

It is a shame that the business owners will have to awkwardly move the road blocks out the way every single night, but if that's what makes the scheme viable then of course it is a must.

What's more, this is just a trial, and if it can offer proof of concept then maybe one day this pilot scheme could become a permanent feature of Oxford life.