A CITY centre pub that was struck by a lorry is set to receive essential repairs.

Work will be carried out at The Head of the River, next to Folly Bridge, after a pillar and wall was damaged earlier this year.

The incident affected Wharf House, which forms part of the pub, and caused a section of the upper courses of stone to be 'shifted or skewed'.

This saw the area become structurally unstable and the stones were removed and laid close by, with new ones replacing them.

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The repairs will see the existing stones returned to their previous location, with Park Lane Bath Stone fixed in the damaged area.

The officer's assessment in the delegated report for the project states: "The proposed works would be a great improvement on the damaged areas with materials set aside and would reinstate very significant prominent features."

Wharf House and the adjacent warehouse, which now forms most of The Head of the River, are thought to have been built in 1827, during a time of rapid industrialisation.

The buildings were situated at a key transport location next to the River Thames and were used to store goods to be transported by road and water.