A BRIDGE was blocked this morning after a lorry 'lost its load'. 

The red lorry blocked part of the A418 bridge over the A40 near Wheatley when a large piece of machinery became detached. 

Thames Valley Police raced to the scene and officers worked alongside Highways England to clear it up and close off the road. 

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Taking to Twitter, TVP Roads Policing team said: "A lorry lost its load and recovery is on the scene.

"The road should be open soon. No one was injured and no other vehicles were damaged. Thank you for your patience. #P5240"

Five people replied to the tweet, some asking if the driver would be fined or given a ticket for an 'insecure load'.

Others said it was an 'expensive bit of kit' to drop and questioned why it had come off. 

Thames Valley Police did not reply. 

A Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) of £100 will be issued to the driver of the vehicle carrying an insecure load.