MORE THAN a dozen dogs, cats and birds were discovered abandoned inside a sweltering house. 

Pictures show the vile 'crime scene' of dogs trapped in cages without water and a 'five-inch layer' of animal mess on the floor. 

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Oxford Mail:

Emma Em, who lives next door to the horror, broke into the Mendip Heights house on Saturday night after getting suspicious that the pets had been alone inside for days. 

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She had noticed that nobody had been at the house for 'a while', loud barking had 'slowed down', and all the windows were closed despite temperatures soaring into the 30s. 

Oxford Mail:

On peering into the neighbours house she saw the terror and 'made the decision' to break the window and make the rescue.

In a post that has now been shared nearly 1,000 times she wrote on Facebook: “I broke the law and we broke in next doors house.

Oxford Mail:

“I’m rather proud that me and Matty did what we did.

“My disgusting vile neighbours abandoned eight and I repeat eight dogs…six of which were shut in cages, with at least five inches of p*** and s*** to lay on.

“These are photos from when we entered the house and then called the police.

Oxford Mail:

“The dogs are now safely in the care of animal welfare services, a neighour has the birds and I’m feeding 15 plus cats until someone comes and helps with them.

“Some people need f***ing shooting. I’ve bathed twice and still can’t get the smell off me, never seen anything like it in my life, house is now a crime scene for their neglect and rightly so.”

Oxford Mail:

She told us: "She said: “You see these things on TV but you don’t expect to live next door to it.”

RSPCA and Thames Valley Police have been contacted for a comment.