AN Oxford girl has managed to grow a huge sunflower in her grandparent's back garden during lockdown.

Kyra Booker, nine, from Blackbird Leys, has been keeping busy during lockdown doing various activities thanks to after school club Blackbird Leys Adventure Playground (BLAP).

The club gave its members five sunflower seeds at the beginning of lockdown, setting children the challenge of planting them and seeing how tall their flower would grow.

Kyra' sunflower is thought to be the tallest.

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Her grandma, Ruth Booker, said: "We were given five seeds, three of which took off but the other two died. So we planted the three and one of them has just grown and grown."

Before lockdown, Kyra would go to BLAP three days a week after school.

It provides a space for children to socialise while doing fun activities.

Oxford Mail:

During lockdown, children were not able to meet but they were still set challenges that they could participate in such as cooking, keeping fit and gardening.

Mrs Booker said: "Children are now able to go to BLAP again and Kyra's been going every day. It's nice for her to mix with other children her age especially as she lives with her grandparents.

"We encourage her to be with her friends - while socially distancing - and we sometimes have a couple of her friends over for BBQs."

BLAP is now open until August 21 from 10am to 4pm for eight to 13-year-olds, with lots of outside activities and trips to local parks.

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BLAP said: "A parent yesterday said how pleased she was that BLAP is open and how great the staff are and there's lots to do.

"Limiting our work to the outside and having planned carefully to make sure we are Covid aware, we can be confident the children and young people can have a great time and can be safe. Staff couldn't wait to come off furlough and be able to be with the children again."

Oxford Mail: