Pub manager George Harwood-Dallyn asked drinkers what they would would like after lockdown and they told him they wanted ‘to feel safe’.

As a result he has created more outdoor seating so that customers can drink outside in a well-ventilated area to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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Mr Harwood-Dallyn runs pub company Ad Tavernum with business partner Drew Brammer and they also look after The Red Lion in Eynsham and The Bell Hotel in Faringdon.

Oxford Mail:

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In Oxford the company runs The Jolly Postboys in Florence Park.

Oxford Mail:

Mr Harwood-Dallyn said: “We asked customers to take part in a survey before we reopened and out of all the replies we got the biggest response said what people wanted most of all was to feel safe so we have addressed that.

“We have extended seating outdoors and we have put extra seating out the front on the forecourt which we haven’t done before.

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“The idea is to have a beer garden German style and it’s been a resounding success.

Oxford Mail:

“People definitely like what we are doing and I’ve been getting feedback that we are one of the safest pubs in Oxford.”

While the hostelry is not serving food at the moment - just beer - Mr Harwood-Dallyn has arranged for a variety of food vans to call throughout the week to serve customers while they are drinking outside.

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He added: “They have really missed out on the festival season this year so they are more than happy to come along and we are getting a variety of local companies to come along and serve pizzas, Japanese food and coffee.”

Mr Harwood-Dallyn said that while more tables have been added outside, it does not seem to have affected business inside.

“The tables inside haven’t suffered,” he added.

Oxford Mail:

“It’s all table service for people to order drinks both inside and out and there’s no standing allowed.

“It’s all about being as sensible as possible to keep everyone safe and I would like to think other pubs are taking similar precautions.”

Mr Harwood-Dallyn added that hand sanitiser is provided on each table and some has been manufactured by local gin distillery TOAD.

Customers are also asked to log on to the pub’s venue trace system which can keep track of drinkers in case someone reports getting the Covid-19 virus.

Oxford Mail:

The manager said: “It’s very much a case of people observing the house rules and so far they are doing it.

“It’s all table service, a maximum of six people per group, one in one out, all table service and remember to keep left.

“People are messaging us to say ‘your pub is the safest one I have been to in Oxford’ which is good to hear.

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“Of course we want to help save the great British pub - that’s what we have been working towards for years and it would be a real blow if there was a second lockdown - I think everyone wants to avoid that.”

Oxford Mail:

The pub is well known for its craft beer and throughout August will only be serving craft beers supplied by local breweries.

These include the Loose Cannon Brewery in Abingdon, which makes Abingdon Bridge and Bombshell beers. The Tap Social is also supplying the pub with its ales.