PENSIONERS were out in Bonn Square today to call for the creation of a national care service to run in tandem with the NHS.

Oxfordshire National Pensioners’ Convention members gathered in Oxford to promote a report by the group called 'Goodbye Cinderella'.

It contains 15 recommendations for the government based on thousands of views from NPC members on how to improve the care service.

The organisation claims the 'scandal' of a badly-funded care service in the UK has been highlighted during the current coronavirus pandemic and needs 'urgent 'action.

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It stated: "This government should end the scandal of some people with health needs getting free treatment under the NHS, whilst others have to pay a high cost for provision through local authorities.

"A national care service should be, like the NHS, free to all at time of need and paid for out of taxation.

It added: "No one should be forced to sell their home to pay for their health and social care."

Recommendations in the report include creating a fully joined-up service with no division between health and social care provision, more frequent care home inspections, and ensuring all employed care workers are required to be registered.

NPC general secretary Jan Shortt said: “After everything the country has suffered through this horrific virus, the time has come to set aside years of procrastination over the reform of our ‘Cinderella’ care system that has been neglected, and starved of resources until it is on its knees."