NEW planning reforms could lead to ‘rubbish housing’ according to Blenheim Estate.

The Government has relaxed planning permission, with all land in England classified for either growth, renewal or protection.

Land in growth areas will benefit from automatic permission.

The change is designed to boost the economy following the coronavirus pandemic.

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Blenheim Estate is now urging that these changes do not come at a cost to the environment.

Roger File, property director at Blenheim Estate, said: “We welcome the reforms as a way to unlock the new homes market so that it delivers what people actually need.

“However, any system only works if it provides homes which are truly affordable and which fit beautifully into the area and, today more than ever, are built to the most positive environmental standards.

“Opening the floodgates to rubbish housing or simply deciding to build on green belt or protected land is a terrible solution.”

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Blenheim Estate is also championing that new developments be created by the ‘right kind of builder’.

“As local landowners we are committed to working with local builders, using local building materials to create high quality homes that will be around for the long term,” said Mr File.

“As part of that commitment we also want to break the mould of existing housing association provision by universally offering up to 40 per cent discounts to the market rent, allowing access to truly affordable homes.”