ANOTHER day, another clear sign of how PC Andrew Harper's death has destroyed his family's lives.

Having suffered all the torment they already have, now his mother and his wife are both pledging to dedicate yet more of their lives to trying to build something positive from tragedy.

Clearly, no one grows up dreaming of campaigning to change the law in memory of a loved one who was killed.

This is the resort of a family robbed of the happiness in their lives.

The best possible outcome from their campaign is that those convicted of similar appalling killings in the future could expect to be punished harder.

It would be nice to think that tougher sentences would act as a deterrent: if they don't, then what is the point? The sum total would only be more suffering.

If the campaign fails to change the law, then it will have raised awareness; sparked some conversation.

Given that failure in that respect is a very real possibility, we sincerely hope that raising awareness and sparking more conversation will give this tragic family something that they are looking for in the middle of their grief.