A MAN accused of stabbing a woman after she refused him sex claimed his alleged victim 'stabbed herself.'

In a 999 call Risman Naitsoka claimed the woman would try to frame him for the knife attack, a jury heard.

The 39-year-old of Grove Street, Wantage, is currently on trial faced with a single count of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

As his trial continued at Oxford Crown Court today, jurors heard a transcript of a phone call he made to the emergency services as well as an account he gave after the alleged stabbing.

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Prosecutors claim that Naitsoka left a blade lodged in the woman's chest after the incident on Tuesday, November 5, last year at her home in Wantage.

Today, jurors heard what Naitsoka said when he called the emergency services to report the incident in Wantage at 3.33pm.

He told operators 'she took a knife and she stabbed herself.'

Naitsoka went on to say that the woman - his alleged victim - would 'frame it on me.'

He later said: "The knife was meant for me."

Jurors also heard a transcript of an account Naitsoka gave of the incident to police.

He said he saw the knife when the woman 'grabbed' him with one hand, with the blade in her other hand.

Naitsoka said the woman was 'screaming' and that when he saw blood he left the property.

He said that when he left he went to call 999 and saw somebody walking a dog, who said he looked 'shaken.'

Naitsoka said he replied: "It's because my girlfriend has just stabbed herself, she is trying to blame it on me."

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Asked about what he saw he said 'I only saw a lot of blood.'

Earlier in the trial prosecutors said that Naitsoka had been in a 'romantic relationship' with the woman which was described in court as 'tempestuous.'

An order had previously been imposed banning contact between the two.

Despite this order, prosecutors said, they met up on the day of the incident and Naitsoka ended up going to her home in Wantage.

Julian Lynch, outlining the case to the jury, said that at the house it became apparent that Naitsoka had been drinking alcohol.

While at her home, Naitsoka propositioned the woman for sex, jurors were told, which she declined.

Mr Lynch said: "At that stage [he] begins to shout at her, calls her names, accusing her of sleeping with other men."

The woman then asked Naitsoka to leave, prosecutors claim, and it was after this that the alleged stabbing took place.

The jury was told that Naitsoka produced a knife belonging to the woman and from the kitchen, before stabbing her in the top left side of her chest.

Naitsoka denies the single charge he faces and the trial continues.