OXFORD's Lord Mayor will begin to hold official engagements in public again.

On Sunday, Lord Mayor and Green Party politician Craig Simmons will attend an event commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at Bonn Square at 11am.

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Throughout lockdown, the city's civic office holders, including the Lord Mayor, Deputy Lord Mayor and Sheriff, have been unable to conduct their usual ceremonial duties face-to-face.

Instead, they have used Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other video chat platforms to carry out ceremonial occasions with Oxford residents, while still wearing their chains of office from home.

In May, the city council voted to extend the terms of office for all current civic leaders by six months because the coronavirus had disrupted their year of carrying out duties.

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Alongside Mr Simmons, the current Deputy Lord Mayor is Mohammed Altaf-Khan and the Sheriff is Steve Goddard.

Mark Lygo will become the Lord Mayor of Oxford, Steve Goddard the Deputy Lord Mayor of Oxford, and Dick Wolff the Sheriff of Oxford in November.

It is unclear how the traditional Mayor-making ceremony will be held yet.