AN ELDERLY person was successfully rescued from a double decker bus.

The incident happened at around 5.40pm yesterday when crews from Didcot Fire Station were called to help a team from South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS).

They found an elderly person injured in the top deck of a Thames Travel bus which was stopped in the Great Western Park estate in Didcot.

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After firefighters assessed the scene and discussed with the medical crew what they planned to do, it was decided that the person was to be removed from the bus through the top deck side window.

Oxford Mail:

Using a hydraulic platform from Rewley Road Fire Station, the SCAS crew were able to get into the bus and medicate and stabilise the injured person before they were safely removed from the vehicle.

The casualty’s injuries are not thought to be life threatening and the damage to the bus was limited to one pane of glass.

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Personnel from Thames Travel UK and Oxford Bus Company attended the scene to provide technical support for the fire crews' operations and the incident ended at around 7pm.

Oxford Mail: