A MOTHER and son were told to rehome three cats from their total of 11 pets in 2014.

The Blackbird Leys duo had six rats, four cats and a black Labrador.

Miranda Wiggins was told by Oxford City Council to rehome three of the cats.

She said at the time: “It is going to break my heart when they go.

“We have tried to appeal against the decision but the council told me there is nothing I can do.

“All these years I have been here I have had not had one complaint against me.”

City council spokesman Chofamba Sithole said: “Unfortunately the number of pets is too great for the size of this property, a two bedroom first floor maisonette and the owner did not have permission to have any pets at the property.

“We have been reasonable in our decision-making in allowing her to have one dog, one cat and the caged rats at our discretion.

“However, this is still conditional on keeping to the terms of the current and new Tenancy Agreement.”

Aaron Denton, warden at Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary, said the decision seemed unfair if the pets were happy.