LOCKDOWN has been a testing time for a lot of people.

But residents have often found ways to make the days more bearable: be it making music in the street, starting fundraisers, or huge zoom quizzes with friends.

Oxford Mail:

So, we asked our readers if there was anything they would miss about lockdown, now that the government rules have relaxed and life is returning to a new normal in Oxford.

Unsurprisingly, most people said they would miss the quieter way of life.

Debbie Shannon said: “Chilling in the garden with my hun, early morning walks and time to watch Netflix together.”

Hazel Childs added: “How everywhere was so quiet, no traffic, no litter, and you could hear the birds singing more loudly.”

Caroline Louise agreed, saying: “Exactly this! And being able to spend time looking after yourself.”

During lockdown neighbours around the county clubbed together to help those more in need.

Some residents even sent around little cards offering to go shopping for anybody stuck in self-isolation.

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Cally Hill said she would miss the community spirit, saying: “People pulling together and supporting each other, especially in the villages.”

Others said they would miss working from home, ‘the quiet’, and less pollution.

Oxford Mail:

Alison Smith said: “No traffic and the bushes and trees were allowed to grow back how they should.”

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Andrew Willoughby echoed the statement, saying: “Cleaner air and empty roads.”

Tons more people said they would also miss the quicker journeys in the car.

Ross Evers said: “The roads were nicer and less stress.”

Tracey Dillion agreed, saying: “Less stress.”