THOUSANDS of pounds will be made available for youth projects after a grant was launched.

Witney Town Council has opened up applications for its Youth Funding Grant, with £30,000 set aside.

The council has spoken with young people in the town and a recent residents’ satisfaction survey focused on youth provision.

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Council leader Luci Ashbourne said: “Cuts to local Government have hit young people really hard, and while the voluntary sector has stepped up to meet that gap meaningfully, it is vital that they’re supported and not relied upon by local authorities.

“This fund is just one of the ways Witney Town Council is meeting that commitment.”

Applications are now open and will remain so until September 1.

Final decisions will be made in mid-October.

The council said it will look favourably on applications that create opportunities for young people.

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Councillor Owen Collins said: “There’s a huge number of young people in Witney, and they contribute massively to the energy and life of our town.

“However, they’ve often been at the sharp end of reduced services, so it’s vital that the provision exists to help and support them.

“I’m therefore delighted that this fund has been launched, to help build a more positive future for the next generation, that the whole of Witney will ultimately benefit from.”

Application and grant forms can be found on the council website.