Snaps of sleepy animals, dreamy looking landscapes and future hopes were sent in for this week's Oxford Mail Camera Club competition theme of 'dreaming'.

Plenty of snaps of dozing animals were posted on our Facebook page.

Emily Brown took an adorable picture of a white kitten taking a nap and Ness Ling also captured her dog dreaming of sausages.

Dean Thirkettle took a picture of a snoozing pig and said: "I don't know what Hamish the pig is dreaming about, but he looks blissful."

A clouded leopard peacefully sleeping at Cotswold Wildlife Park was snapped by Allen Dannfald.

Becca Collacott took a very cute picture of a sleeping baby and Patrick Galka captured his granddaughter Kacey daydreaming in what looks like a fairy-tale forest.

Even more daydreaming snaps were sent in and Shez McKechnie took a picture of a girl fishing for dreams with a dream catcher.

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Sofi Dural snapped herself dreaming with giants as she is positioned lying down next to a big forest installation.

Louise Hook's little people are aiming for great things as they start saving and dreaming of their 'next million'. Ian Marriott captured a woman's dream of competing internationally as he snaps her practicing her long jump.

Picturesque landscapes of Oxfordshire were also sent in for this week's theme, and the 'dreaming spires' of Oxford were captured by Allen Dannfald.

Scott Cordingley snapped a bright and colourful lake and Mark Guschtscha sent in another landscape picture and said he was dreaming of brighter horizons.

A very dreamy picture of the windmill in Brill was captured by Victoria Timms and Vicky Trix took a picture of a mystical and dream like stream. Sleepy passengers waiting for their train were captured by Zenka Zmylerka Emilia Moch in their street photography.

The winner of this week's Oxford Mail Camera Club competition will be announced in tomorrow's paper. Next week's theme is 'adventure': post your snaps on our Camera Club Facebook page.