THOUSANDS of pounds will be made available to residents this winter to help make their homes more energy efficient.

West Oxfordshire District Council (WODC) has made a £20,000 fund available, while climate action has been described as the ‘golden thread’ woven into the draft Area Action Plan at the Salt Cross garden village.

David Harvey, cabinet member for climate change, said: “We have taken great strides in a very short time when it comes to delivering our commitment to tackling climate change. Climate action underpins the council’s decision making.

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“We must ensure we continue to work as hard as we possibly can both now and in the long term so that we can lead by example and make a difference that will genuinely help shape the district for future generations.

“It is clear from the widespread engagement with our recent Climate Action Survey and from the art we received from young people entering our climate action competition that climate change is widely felt to be an important issue.

“We are harnessing this in our Carbon Action Plan and Climate Change Strategy, which are now taking shape.”

WODC has a network of people looking to get involved with its work on climate action. If you would like to add your details to the database, please email: