People have been spending more time with their pets during lockdown and have sent us some lovely pictures of their cats and dogs.

This time round it’s the moggies’ turn in the spotlight and we would love to see more photos of both cats and dogs.

Please send us your cat pictures

Christina Nicholls sent us a picture of her cat Bug, from Bicester, who doesn't bring home birds and mice - instead her pet collects gloves from neighbouring homes and drags them indoors.

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Oxford Mail:

Bug from Bicester who likes collecting gloves

None of the cats featured this time have been going missing but Alfie, Gavin Mason's cat from Didcot, has been giving his owners a fright by hiding in the laundry basket.

Oxford Mail:

Gavin Mason's cat Alfie

All the owners who have sent in pictures of their cats say there has been plenty of time for cuddles during lockdown - an opportunity they might not have had if the virus lockdown had not happened.

Please send us your dog pictures

Pets have also been a great comfort to children and Julie Wood from Kingston Bagpuize sent this cute picture of her cat Roxy with her granddaugher Esme.

Oxford Mail:

Please do send us your pet pictures to help put a smile on readers' faces.