Oxford musicians from the orchestra 'The Instruments of Time and Truth' put on a special performance for the patients and staff in the garden at City Community Hospital as part of the Creating with Care programme.

Patients listened from their rooms and some were able to come out with staff to the garden area to hear them play.

The three string musicians Jean Paterson, Vanessa McNaught and Gabriel Amherst, played music written by their favourite composers Purcell, Haydn, Mozart, and Schubert.

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The event was part of the Creating with Care programme which is supported by the Oxford Health Charity. It brings events to community hospital wards to enhance patient experience and boost a sense of wellbeing.

Christine Hayden, manager at City Community Hospital said: “It was a real treat and privilege for staff and patients to hear the wonderful uplifting music in the garden."

She added: “There were lots of smiles and the performers and the audience of patients, visitors and staff together reflected that it was a very emotional experience to hear live music once more.”