The rate of crime in Oxford plummeted during April as we all stayed inside due to the global pandemic.

As a result of the the country being in lockdown, Oxford saw recorded crimes drop by 771 compared to the same period last year.

Through analysing data from, Oxford Mail are able to bring you a side by side comparison of crime rates. 

Anti-social behaviour and violence and sexual offences were still the highest recorded, however the rate of the crimes had significantly reduced. 

There was a dramatic decline in reported cases of bicycle theft as less people were able to leave their homes and head into the city centre.

The figures indicate the reported number of shoplifting incidents had halved during the height of lockdown, compared to April last year. 

The data also shows the rate of burglaries decreased to 78 reported incidents, most likely because everyone remained at home.   

The total number of crimes reported in Oxford during April 2019 was 2,436 whilst in April 2020 the number dropped to 1,665.

Search through the table below to find how many crimes were reported on your street during the height of lockdown, this April.