A MAN who threatened two women with a gun has been spared jail.

Jason Gordon Tampin, of no fixed abode, admitted breaching a criminal behaviour order made by Oxford Magistrates' Court in 2018 by going to a house in Didcot and threatening the women with a gun.

The 38-year-old also admitted breaching a conditional discharge order of six months, made on March 16, and was dealt with for the original offence of drinking in a public place.

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In total he was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison suspended for 18 months because of the 'serious nature of threats'.

He must also pay compensation of £30 and comply with supervision requirements for 10 days.

Conditional discharges allow a person convicted of a crime to walk free, but with certain conditions attached to their freedom.

If they then breach any of those conditions – for example by committing another crime within a certain period – then they will be sentenced for their original crime and for breaching the condition.

A criminal behaviour order is similar in that it bans a person from doing certain things for a certain time period, for example going to a given address or committing certain acts.

One of the most famous criminal behaviour orders issued in Oxford was against notorious 'dine-and-dash' conmen Eric Austin.

His order banned him from entering any establishment in the city where he could eat and drink before paying – and he breached it.