A CONSISTENT dog 'mess' offender has been caught on camera and Vale of White District Council has launched a public appeal to trace them.

An unknown man who was spotted walking two dogs failed to clean up his pets' mess along Burton Close in Abingdon yesterday and today, just after 4am.

CCTV footage shows the man taking his middle-sized dogs for an early morning stroll.

He stopped on the lane outside of a home on Burton Close for a 'comfort break'.

The man was wearing trousers with reflective strips on them.

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After complains from neighbours the district council took to Facebook to make an appeal for help finding this offender.

It read: "It is often quite difficult to track down the people responsible – that is why we are asking for your help.

"They have now been caught twice on camera failing to clean up their dog’s mess.

"Firstly this happened on Wednesday at 4.19am and then again this morning at 4.21am."

A spokesperson for the local authority also revealed that a lot of complaints of dog 'mess' have been made by residents recently.

Anybody who might know who this man is can contact the council's Envirocrimes team on envirocrime@southandvale.gov.uk.